How to ace your online gift shopping


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How to ace your online gift shopping

With the Christmas period fast approaching, it’s a good time to have a look at our shopping habits, and some ways to make shopping smoother. You might be starting the gift shopping anytime now, and like an increasing number of people, you may choose to do a good deal of Christmas shopping online? After all, online shopping saves time, energy, and quite often, money! Retailers have understood and embraced this trend, and offer more and more solutions for hassle-free and safe shopping, with abundant choice, special deals, and online exclusives.

Whether you’re new to the world of internet shopping, or are looking for tips to find great gifts when you’re short on time and money, here are a few tips to become king or queen of online shopping…

Look out for gift lists – If you’re buying for a wedding, housewarming or other special event, do remember to check whether the giftee(s) has a wish list up. They good have assembled a list on a specialised site, or shared their wish list from a website they love. Do pick from that list, as the giftee will be glad to receive what they hoped for. If you want to make it more personal, add a little card, some flowers, or a homemade gift!

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Have a list of your own – All year long, as you browse online, if you see anything that one of your close ones will appreciate, save it in your own wish list! It will be a good “go-to” guide once you need to find them a present.

Set up price alerts and comparisons – When you’ve had your eye on a high-tech gadget, a toy or some kitchenware for a while, you know that prices can vary from one site to another, and even on a site. Set up price alerts to jump on the occasion when a price hits an all-time low, but don’t wait too long, as you wouldn’t want the item to sell out before you get to it.

Check out gift pages and sites – these are especially useful when you don’t have much time, are on a very specific budget, or in desperate need of inspiration. Many shopping sites will be focused on gifts, or have dedicated gift pages, with carefully selected items from their collection. For example, check out for original ideas to dig you out of any gift buying dilemma.

Give to society – Stuck on gift ideas to get someone who needs nothing? Find out what cause they care about, whether it be world hunger, animal safety or nature conservation, and find an association or organisation to make a donation to in their name. You’ll most often be able to do so online, and you can then have an electronic or paper certificate sent to the giftee.

Another option is to turn to electronic gift cards: you won’t need to go to a shop, or print or receive anything. Many online shops let you purchase an electronic gift card and send it to someone by email!

Finally, stay safe online! Read payment and shipment terms on sites, and do check delivery times if you’re buying just before Christmas: carriers can get busy, so anticipate delays. Be aware of your consumer rights, and don’t hesitate to refuse or return any goods not fit for purpose!

By following this simple advice, you’ll be assured full peace of mind in your online shopping. Your close ones won’t even have to know you bagged those treasures from the comfort of your own home, or on your mobile on your morning commute!